Hydroponics & Aeroponics Workshop

Klonec – Introductory Grower Workshop

The Klonec – Grower Workshop is a two day greenhouse and hydroponics training program that incorporates teaching and demonstration to provide participants a more clear understanding of controlled environment vegetable production systems. The grower’s school includes classroom presentations by Mr Rajkumar Varrier, and other key members of our sales and technical team as well as the opportunity to become familiar with hydroponic growing systems in a controlled environment greenhouse. Participants will learn about Klonec’s vine and leafy crop production systems as well as being introduced to the central elements of hydroponic greenhouse design and management.


Who can benefit from attending the Grower Workshop?

The program is designed for the prospective or novice greenhouse vegetable grower as well as anyone interested in commercial hydroponic production. This hydroponics training workshop is an invaluable opportunity for those contemplating investing in a hydroponic vegetable greenhouse. For those who purchase a Klonec’s greenhouse package, the workshop cost is deducted from the purchase price. Additionally, early stage managers or growers of a Klonec greenhouse will both gain valuable information to assist them in enhancing their current management. The workshop is designed to integrate technical teaching with demonstrations and time spent with the growing systems in a commercial scale hydroponic greenhouse. Our goal is to provide you with key information about the structures, the systems, and the plants and present you with the practical basics of how these elements integrate in greenhouse vegetable production. We realize that all the knowledge and skills needed to operate a hydroponic greenhouse will not fit into two days, but with our experience and understanding of controlled environment agriculture, we can greatly assist you in decisions about beginning a hydroponic greenhouse operation. Likewise, we can help you enhance your knowledge of greenhouse and crop management if you have already begun a greenhouse vegetable business.


What Information is Covered in the Workshop?

An introduction to greenhouse and hydroponic systems and plants as well as the cropping practices that take place in these systems are the main topics of our workshop. Several types of soilless culture are covered with the primary focus on the Perlite and Rockwool systems for vine crops and NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) for leaf crops. The crops discussed include lettuce, herbs, cucumber, and tomato with tomatoes and lettuce used as the model crops for vine and leafy crop production.

The Workshop consists of two full days, lunch included, that integrate classroom instruction and demonstrations as well as time spent in a hydroponic greenhouse. The schedule below describes how these topics are covered in both lecture and in-greenhouse presentations. The small group size in each Workshop allows ample time for questions and personal attention from the instructors, especially in the time spent in the greenhouse.

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