What is Urban Farming?

Growing and processing Food products in urban areas. The growing takes place in flowerbeds within the city or outskirts of the city, on rooftops, vertical growing on walls (green walls), indoor growing and more. Vegetables and other greens can be grown by Individuals in their back yard or balcony and up to commercial growing systems.

Green In The City 

Green in the city has a large variety of urban farming systems, from individual hydroponic home systems, to educational demonstration systems and even a small commercial growing system that provides greens for restaurants inside the shopping center.


Whats grows in our urban farm?

Fresh and clean produce without pesticides, such as lettuce, basil, tomatoes, mint, kale, cucumbers and onions, and happy urban farmers!

Urban farming workshops

The farm is open for everyone that wants to grow local, individuals and groups, just by arranging an appointment with the head offices. Join our workshops & learn how to grow your own veggies hydroponically without soil & Pesticides. Workshops are available for groups & individuals.