Educational Systems

Hydroponics and Aquaponics systems are ecosystems that constitute microcosm of nature. Great educational value issues: bacteria, plants, fish, water and more. Systems allow carrying out bio-research’s and appropriate for elementary schools, high schools and teen centres. These systems are also suitable for organisations that address the special needs populations.

The underlying philosophy and Hydroponics Aquaponics system is present. Nature creates its natural cycles and we imitate them to produce benefits without damaging the sources of abundance. As long as we grasp that every process is related to another, endless reciprocal relations, sharpens the understanding of the natural world around us hand in hand with understanding the processes taking place in it. The existence of Hydroponics Aquaponics systems requires strict health, discipline, and understanding of chemistry, physics and basic biology, patience and teamwork. Children who are exposed to natural ecosystems at an early age understand the consequences of waste compared to recycling, pollution versus protecting the environment and more. The exposure develop in them green thinking which constitutes a fundamental value essential in modern society, especially in India, where natural resources are shrinking.

Hydroponics and Aquaponics systems  illustrate practice processes in biological sciences, agriculture, ecology, physics and more. The system is ideal for the study of biomedical research, theses and demo external groups.

Subjects directly related to these systems:

  • Nitrogen and carbon cycle in nature
  • Symbiosis between organisms
  • There are (permaculture)
  • Ecology of natural systems
  • Aqua Culture and fish breeding
  • Water quality and water treatment
  • Physiology of plants and photosynthesis
  • Alternative energy and recycling
  • Exposure of the general school green areas and the environment through the system and accompanying explanatory signs
  • “Declaration” public school that is green and environmentally cleaner aims

We will give a full response to schools and institutions from planning individual and institution to adapt the systems to our needs and ongoing training of counselors and teachers.